Meal Train

Food Ministry: Meal Train

when someone in our community cannot get to the grocery store or make their own meals (after a major surgery, a new baby, or for any other reason is in need), this program will help allow us to help them!

Here is an example: Someone has a major surgery and will not be able to cook for themselves for 2 weeks. They notify Father Dave of this and he sets up an account for them on this website. Someone else from the parish decides to make a big pot of soup and freeze some for the one in need. They can then either deliver the food to their house or bring it to the church on Sunday and someone else will deliver it through the week.

The idea is this: that through our stewardship we will help each other out when there is a need and we are able!

Please visit: to learn more about it. Here are some basic terms from their website:

v     Meal Train: Organized meal giving around a significant life event. One meal from one person per day.

v     Organizer: The person who sets up the meal train.

v     Recipient: Those who will receive the meals.

v     Participant/Giver: The person who will make and take a meal.