Current Temporary Guidelines with COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


Current Temporary Guidelines with COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

(revised October 2020)


Please observe the following when attending St. John the Baptist:


Upon arriving, please wash your hands with warm water for at least 20 seconds in the kitchen or “candle room”


Maintain 6-feet Safe-Distancing


Properly wear your facemask when inside the church (covering your mouth and nose)


When venerating Icons and the Holy Cross, for everyone’s safety, reverently bow and pray before them rather than reverently kissing them.


For lighting candles, bring your own lighter from home to light your candles (the church teaching is one candle for the health of your loved ones and one candle for your departed loved ones)


Please respect the pews that are temporarily closed (three out of every four pews)


Sit at the ends of the pews (closer to the aisles)


When receiving Communion, we will temporarily use one line to approach the Chalice


At the Chalice, please tilt your head back and open your mouth all the way (without closing your mouth on the spoon)


Following the Divine Liturgy, chat with one another from a safe-distance before heading home.


Our Coffee Social remains on hold for the time being


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