Paschal Greeting

Christ Is Risen!  (responded with, Indeed, He Is Risen!

This is the greeting that we use from the Feast of Pascha to the Feast of Ascension (40 days after the Resurrection of Our Lord).  It is common to greet others in multiple languages - a way of showing the unity of Orthodoxy around the world.  From English to Romanian to Swahili, below are a few ways to greet each other during the Paschal Season!

On this website, Pascha Polyglotta, you can first of all hear the Orthodox paschal greeting in some 250 languages!  (At the same time, you will become familiar with the flag, capital, money, and language(s) of every country in the world.)  You can navigate by languages arranged in alphabetical order or by countries grouped into continents.


Church Slavonic – Christos voskrese! / Христосъ воскресе!  
                                      (Voistinu voskrese! / Воистину воскресе!)

English – Christ is risen!  (Indeed, He is risen!)

Greek –  Khristós anésti! / Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη!  (Alithós anésti! / Χριστὸς ἀνέστη!)

Italian – Cristo è risorto!  (È veramente risorto!)

Latin – Christus resurrexit!  (Resurrexit vere!)

Romanian – Hristos a înviat!  (Adevărat a înviat!)

Spanish – ¡Cristo ha resucitado!  (¡En verdad ha resucitado!)

Swahili – Kristo Amefufukka!  (Kweli Amefufukka!)